Hi everyone today  for my first proper post I just wanted to share products I am hoping to purchase in the near coming future. I also want to mention I want to keep my profile private because I like the mystery of it. But to describe myself, I am 5 ft 4, 16 years old, brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes and obsessed with makeup and clothes! Before starting I want to also mention this is my first time doing this so I am getting use to the format of a blog and I am hoping to continue this and post 3 or 2 times a week depending on my schedule. 

1.Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette 

The reason why I really wanted to purchase this palette is firstly the colours. I have been really on the search recently for a MATTE rainbow eyeshadow palette for those pink and purple glitter smokey eye and I came across this when I was in Superdrug last week but sadly it was out of stock so I couldn’t swatch but I am definitely going to be purchasing this palette in the near future. Another reason is because when I was searching for a rainbow palette, they were NOT the right bright purple and pinks I was looking for and not to mention the extremely high price point so when I had come across this was only £8 I was so stoked!

Will I be purchasing it?


Should you purchase it?

It really depends on if you like bright colours but I will for sure do a review on the palette if anyone wants because I was very intrigued by the colours.

2.  COTY AirSpun Loose Face Powder

I have heard so much hype about this product and am currently running out of my RCMA No Colour Powder which I do like but don’t have an attachment for so as it being only £10 on Amazon, I thought it was a steal. Tati on Youtube also talks about it a lot and says its worth the money so I am unsure whether to just bite the bullet and just buy it or get a cheaper powder.

Will I be purchasing it?


Should you purchase it?

If you like makeup and are experienced I think this is a good powder but I am not going to purchase it right now because I don’t need it unfortunately.


3. Revolution Pro Refill Glitter Eyeshadow Pack in shades Glisten up and Glisten here

I watched a girl swatch these glitter eyeshadow pans and … I was instantly sold. In saying that I am a pretty easy seller when it comes to makeup.

About the eyeshadows:

Anyway, Revolution have made glitter eyeshadow that are magnetic and can be put in a magnetic eyeshadow palette, freedom or makeup geek do great ones, that you can keep safe. The two packs sold contain 5 glitter eyeshadows for only £6 which baffled me when I saw this.

Glisten up:

Glisten up contains a blue, teal, pink taupe, multi pink and white multi with a pink aqua shift. I want to get this pack because I think the colours would look good with the Revolution Pro Generation Palette.

Glisten here:

The other pack contains soft pressed glitters in antique pink, mid antique pink, yellow gold, orange and red. This is for your classic orange eye makeup or warm brown smokey eye and these glitters would look great on top. 

How do you apply them?

Use a glitter primer, wet ur eyeshadow brush, use your finger, a glitter primer can be a tacky concealer, tacky base, lipgloss even (thats what I use shhhhh) 

Will I be purchasing it?


Should you purchase it?

If you are into your eyeshadow or just want to experiment in a bank account or not get into trouble by your parents for spending too much money or your train ticket on makeup (guilty) then I recommend.


It is currently midnight and I have school in less than 8 hours time so wish me luck! Summer is almost here and that is when I will be posting more regularly. Sorry that I am not buying that much stuff but next post will be my all time favourite drugstore makeup products. Hoped you enjoyed reading this short post. Tell me your suggestions of what I should post. Byeeeeeeee xoxo